Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hey there clashers with 2012 right around the corner I thought id take a look at those special panels that made 2011 a great year for comic fans. Up, up, and away we go.

11.Casey Jones dawning his mask for the time in the series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- I don’t know about you guys but that was one of those moments that hit with a dash of  awesome with a pinch of nostalgia. Any fan of the franchise following this series knows they were itching to see that since he was introduced as Casey Jones. Any comic fan that likes costumed characters knows that the moment you see that character in that iconic costume is a big deal.  

10.Logan sending Matt Murdock to sue the Hellfire clubs’ Black King: Wolverine and the X-Men- I know doesn’t seem like a big deal but hear me out. First off the little brat has been a thon in the X-Men’s side for quite a while being a large element leading to Schism providing the ’Super’ Sentinel that attacked Utopia. Then doing all he could to destroy the Jean Grey school he’s lucky he wasn’t dealing with old Logan who would have gutted the twerp without a second thought. But the new sensible Logan sent one of the most iconic lawyers in the Marvel universe after him, the only other acceptable alternative would have been sending She-Hulk but I believe the subtlety of Matt played out very well.

9.Aunt May pulling a revolver on Electro in Death of Spiderman- Before the DOSM series, I didn’t really read Ultimate Spiderman all like that; so I’m used to seeing Aunt May as a frail little old lady that the last thing I would have expected to see is her pulling this big old gun out of her glove compartment and busting a cap in a highly powered super villain. I was astounded I applaud Mrs. Parker for her courage and homage to Dirty Harry.

8.The Hulk punching a hulked out boar so hard he traveled from the Earth’s core through the ocean floor and landed on an icy tundra: Incredible Hulk: Well that was quite a bit to type but I had to have this on my list. You see since being separated from Banner Hulk doesn’t really seem angry any more so some readers might say he doesn’t have it in him anymore. Some may go as far as saying he went soft but in moments like that he reminds us all ’hey I may have found inner peace but I’m still the Hulk and Hulk is still the strongest there is.’

7.Nick Fury and his hulked out Avengers team up with the Ultimates to stop super powered anarchy in Asia : Avengers Vs. New Ultimates- Seems like just a clean up scene but seeing as the scene before had them pitted against each other I rather enjoyed it. That surprise team-up element gets me every time and the hulked out aspect helped. Hulks smash on.

6.Thor frying Gregory Stark: Avengers Vs. New Ultimates- Call it a dark sense of humor but I found it hilarious and the way Thor answers to Tony when he freaks….Priceless. After everything Gregory did selling super powers on the black market pitting Danvers and Fury against each other an causing worldwide panic lets just say karma is a cruel mistress. Thor I raise my glass to thee.

5. Miles Morales receiving his new costume from SHIELD: Ultimate Comics Presents All New Spiderman-As I mentioned back at number 11 the first glimpse at that costume is a big deal. Even more so when the character receives said costume as a right of passage. To me this moment symbolizes Mr. Morales truly being accepted into the Marvel universe. That being said I salute you Miles, wear that costume with pride and make us proud.  

4.Spidey combining his spider-sense with his kung fu training: Spider-Island- after losing his spider sense Pete sought kung fu training to bridge the gap but after getting it back during Spider-Island it just made him that much better. It was like he was unstoppable 3 steps ahead of everyone it was like Bruce Lee in the Matrix. Well done Peter, well done.

3.Superman bum rushing Green Lantern: Justice League- I’m not sure but seeing teammates fight before they form a team gets me all giddy inside and I know I’m not the only one. Another thing that made this moment epic was the fact that it happened after a major ego trip from Hal. Most readers will say Mr. Jordan was quite arrogant in his first years and would probably join me as I tip my hat to Kal-El.

2.The arrival of Darkseid: Justice League- Just as first suit up is a monumental occasion so is the first appearance of a major villain especially one that’s been redesigned. Kind of came off like Michael Weston from Burn Notice with that comment. Any way his arrival took up the majority of a two page spread and with good reason. He is one of the Leagues greatest adversaries what better way to bring them together. His appearance has just paved the way for an epic story arc.

1.The return of Johnny Storm: Fantastic Four: Some readers may be angered that he’s back because they don’t like that comic characters rarely ever stay dead. Well those naysayers need not agree with me for I was ecstatic at Mr. Storm’s return. His ‘death’ was a big moment in comic history making his return that much more epic. The man has been through hell and back and is that much greater for it. Welcome back Johnny you have been missed.

Well that’s it folks its been a great year in comics and I’m glad I could share it with you until the new year this Hector signing off until next time friends. Keep Clashing

Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Issue # 1-3

Written by Kevin Eastman 

IDW Publishing

by Hector Ramirez 

     Cowabunga Clashers! Got a nice little treat for you guys I’m reviewing the first story arc of TMNT as well as revealing my new rating system. So strap in hold on and get ready to clash.

        I will start with the new rating system; it’s relatively simple based on Batman and his sidekicks. Jason Todd being the publics lowest rated Robin, Red Hood is the lowest rating then it goes up to Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, and of course Batman himself. Like I said it’s simple if ever I need to rate something between the two I’ll use an obvious in between for example a 4 ½ would be a Grayson Batman. And that’s it clashers any confusion just ask in comments I do welcome feedback.

                 With that out of the way, let’s get on to the heroes in a half shell shall we. First, I would like to say I grew up on Ninja Turtles and I love them. They’re my four mutant older brothers. I’ve seen all the movies. I love the cartoons and the comics and the newest ongoing series is no exception. The return of Kevin Eastman to the title is definitely big news; bringing back that classic feel to the book. Collaborating with a new team also brings some fresh ideas keeping it from getting stale and overly familiar drawing in new readers.

       The first 3 issues are a retelling of Splinter, and the turtles’ origin. The turtles and Splinter are test subjects for a mutagen being developed for a private military man by the name of, ready for it Krang. A team of ninjas breaks into the lab and steals the mutagen and inadvertently free the animals. The only witness the labs newest intern a young April O’Neil. A cat attempts to eat one of the turtles separating him from his brothers causing Splinter to rip out his eye and later for him to mutate into a new enemy. Splinter, Leonardo, Donatello, and my personal favorite, Michelangelo after full mutating retreat to the sewers as Raphael wanders the streets looking for food and shelter where he runs across a young Casey Jones getting beat by his drunken father. He saves him and in turn stays with him for a bit. And while patrolling one night they are attacked by the mutated cat, Old Hob and his gang just to be rescued by his brothers.

                   This story gets a Red Robin from me. It’s a good twist on things and yes the classic components are there and effective. At one point, Splinter mentions their mutation is in no way random or an accident and I want to see where they go with that. Ok, so there are two problems I have with these first three issues. First, why is it that every comic company has to have some type of super soldier program operating in the background? Can you think of any other reasons people or animals become heroes or villains? Another thing if they were being tested on with the mutagen the entire time they were in the lab, why did it take until that night to mutate when Old Hob mutated mere hours after being exposed to a secondary source of the mutagen? (Having Raphael in his mouth and Splinter’s claws in his eye) This new ongoing series is going to be enjoyable; I can tell with new characters and new twists on old characters and plot lines as it continues I’ll keep you posted.

        Hector out for now, thanks to all my readers for following since my debut this will be my last review for the year and I will come back big in January. So, until then friends, keep clashing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Welcome back Clashers! ’Tis I, Hector, here with an unfortunately scalding review of  both Jake Estrada’s first and latest works; both edited by Beth Sipps with design assistance on Bocas by Adriana Estrada. I have to warn you all I was not very interested in neither one of these I found them to be horrible and I may be kind of harsh in this review.

Starting off with Bocas named for its main character; who is a Punisher- type character with telekinesis of some sort trying to clear the streets of Bridgeton of scum. You know, mobsters and such. While he’s on his mission, there’s some guy named Vato killing in the name of a demon lord named Cabala. Bocas is also being hunted by the son of one of his former targets.

      Next, we have Bridgeton Nights. Bocas is back and looking to recruit a partner. The test target?
Some psycho rapist killer whose last victim was his own mother.
Ok, you guys probably noticed I didn’t write that much about the plot and here’s why.

                                       THERE WAS NO PLOT!!!

 Both books were made of random events and newspaper articles while all related to each other. They had no real semblance of a plotline and the killings were very sick and brutal . While the art in Bridgeton nights was noticeably better, I can't say much more positive about either book. I mean, if you take each little event you could make a few good plotlines but he didn’t do that. So all I see is a failed attempt at a comic book series.
Sorry to Mr. Estrada and his cohorts or fans but that’s all I have to say. Until next time friends, keep clashing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#28 - GUYTRON: HOMECOMING - A One Title Chich`e Encyclopedia

by Hector Ramirez

    Greetings clashers! It’s your friendly neighborhood reviewer, Hector here with a not so friendly review of Guytron: Homecoming; created, written, penciled, and inked by Raymond Leonard; colored by Virginie Menard; lettered by Ryan Leonard and edited and published by Michael McClain of M-studios.

     We start with an alien invasion of epic proportions. The Hakillian Empire has sent out their Scandroids to destroy any resistance. After Commander Vicon of the Macron defense council is killed, Lycon, one of the final soldiers under his command, crash lands on Earth in his attempt to escape. Who should happen upon the crash site but our reluctant hero, Galvin Fry, on his way home from work. In his dying moments, Lycon passed on his Gadgetron, the source of his power, to Galvin. Upon receiving the Gadgetron, Galvin gets attacked by Scandroids and is rescued by Sable, an Earthbound Macronian bonded to action star, Brett Cruz. After explaining the Gadgetron to Galvin, Sable leaves a little too soon and the military comes for Galvin.

    I'm going to start off saying this: I did enjoy the story to a certain extent it was suspenseful. The hero was relatable and I’m really interested in seeing how it goes. I encourage the team at M-studios to continue this story but I do have some criticism about it. First off, everything ends in “on” very cliché. And that’s not the only overused element in this comic. Starts off with an alien empire trying to take over the universe. Gee, never saw that before. It continues with a dying alien passing on his power to a relative nobody; where does he come up with this stuff. And finally the overzealous military sending out their top agent to acquire the alien technology; Nope, sure didn’t see that coming. Another thing that pissed me off is the 3 part story ended in a serious cliffhanger AND THE HERO NEVER DAWNS HIS ARMOR, smh. The dialogue was a bit forced; like he was trying too hard to make it seem believable……. and failed. If Mr. Leonard works on these things he’s got himself a fan.

That’s all for now until next time friends, keep clashing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Main Story: Amazing Spiderman  #666 -#673 (Prelude, Parts 1 - 6 & Epilogue)

Side Stories: Various Spider-Island miniseries, one shots & tie in issues.

Marvel Comics

Review by Hector Ramirez

Clashers greetings, salutations and what’s up. Hector here. So as some of you may or may not know, New York has recently been infested with bedbugs (which is why I missed New York Comicon ) Marvel tells us true believers that this is due to one Dr. Miles “The Jackal” Warren (well technically there were multiple Miles Warrens but you know what I mean). He released genetically enhanced bedbugs to spread a spider-virus in an attempt to build an army of mutant spiders for The Queen, a former super soldier with her own spider based powers. So all of Manhattan is loving the spider powers until they start mutating. With all this a tribe of wasp people is out to destroy all spiders causing Spider-girl to team up with Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk and Hobgoblin. Also, Shang Chi and Iron Fist are kidnapped by a hypnotized Bride of 9 Spiders and have to fight Ai Apaek. Meanwhile, Cloak and Dagger come up against Mr. Negative when Dagger is foreseen as his downfall in the thick of it all. They end up switching powers. In the end, Spidey saves the day with the help of Eddie “Anti-Venom” Brock’s symbiote suit which was synthesized into a cure (which actually turns Kaine into a perfect clone of Peter which sets up for the new Scarlet Spider series).

This was definitely a great read lots of action, twists, and turns. The entire city with spider powers definitely not expected. As this goes on, you get to see Peter Parker as a person and so does everyone else. Swinging in his shoes, they (the people) get a feel for what it is he’s going through. It sucks his girl(Peter's) left him but there seemed to be hints that he may reunite with Mary Jane….again. I’m also interested in where this will leave Eddie Brock. The side stories are good too, and usually I don’t follow side stories. All in all, I recommend this mini-series for all true Spidey fans. It’s pretty epic and will most likely make a miniseries countdown in the future. Well that’s all for now. See you next week until next time friends, keep clashing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#26 : Shadowboxxer - The One Man Riot


Toro Comics

Written, Drawn & Created by Victor Toro

Edited by Marion N Beal

Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot From Toro Comics

Welcome back Clashers! Hector here, reviewing my first indie comic, ShadoBoxxer : One Man Riot. This is a story about a young man who feels the need to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. It starts out with the main character sharing a moment with, who I’m guessing, his mother as a child. Skip forward and we see our hero in full uniform; shuriken around his neck, leather jacket with a Puerto Rican flag on the back (Viva Boricua), and a red ninja mask. He gets a call to save two kids from a fire which is apparently a sentient being. After getting the kids out of the fire, he then goes back in to fight the fire demon type creature.

I enjoyed the book. It was well drawn in an anime style (which seems to be popular with indie artists). The hero seems pretty cool looking and  seems somewhat relate-able. The first issue sets up for a decent series but there were a few negatives to mention. First the story is kind of vague doesn’t really give you much information on why the main character does what he does what he does no mention of the creature’s motives. The characters weren’t really defined as people, you don’t really know anything about them . don’t get me wrong I see serious potential for this series it just needs to be reached . if the writer really works on this story I see myself becoming a devoted fan and I’m sure there will be others..
`` signing off for now, until next time friends keep clashing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey Clashers! Hector here coming at you with my thoughts on the first three issues of Static Shock. Ok! So Virgil and his family have just moved from Dakota to New York and Virgil has an internship with STAR labs. First day on the job, an experimental flight suit is stolen and the pilot/thief loses control. Enter Static, who manages to bring the situation under control only to see the pilot sniped right in front of him. Afraid of what the pilot might have told Static, the Slate Gang is sent after him.  Going along with them is a being named Virule; an energy based creature of some sort. After multiple confrontations, Static manages to turn Virule into sludge.

 This was a good intro to the new series. It introduced both Static and Virgil into the mix of things as well as the Slate Gang. It definitely had some setups for future storylines; like what’s going on with the theft of all this technology? Who’s this Pale face guy and what’s his connection to the Joke,r if any? Being a fan of the Static Shock cartoon on Kids WB, I’m liking the direction this series is going in and having Hardware as his mentor was pretty cool; didn’t see that coming at all. One complaint though. What up with Virgil’s sister dealing with a Ben Reilly complex I mean really DC. It’s one thing putting Clark Kent on Peter Parker’s level with the crappy apartment and all but ripping off the Clone saga for a side story come on. Well that’s all for now folks. Until next time friends, keep clashing!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This time, Hector goes through his top 10 Best Baddies in Comics. Take it away!

10.Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash-he absolutely hates Barry Allen and anyone associated with him. The lengths that he would go to are horrible from going back in time to push him down the steps when he was a kid to killing his mother and framing his father he’s a complete psycho and quite dangerous.

9.Lex Luthor-believes himself to be God’s gift to Metropolis. He does not like anyone taking his glory with unlimited resources and genius level intelligence, Luthor is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

8.Animus-cocky a smart ass and mad powerful this son of Hellsyn is no laughing matter with his sharp tongue and hell powers he’s no laughing matter and very entertaining to read about be sure to read about him in Angel Savior exclusively from J1Studios.

7.Violator-disguised as a disgusting fat little clown he is no Ronald McDonald. he hates Spawn for being considered as to lead Malebogia’s army . Violator believes he deserves to do this. When in his demonic form Violator is a problem.

6.Jason Wynn-unlimited reach in the government and ties with the Violator Wynn is the reason Al Simmons is Spawn using him to do his dirty work then disposed of him willing to do anything to cover his tracks getting on his bad side is not a good idea

5.Doctor Doom –ruler of Latveria master of both magic and science he is Reed Richards match in intellect definitely a serious threat and not one to be taken lightly.

4.Norman Osborn- completely insane maniacal and manipulative there isn’t much Osborn can’t do I mean the man made the nation believe he had reformed then attacked Asgard. They don’t come much worse than Norman Osborn.

3.Venom-a man with a majorly bruised ego and an alien symbiote giving him enhanced strength and mimicking spider powers can you say bad combo a fan favorite although portrayed as a hero at times venom is in my opinion is at his best as a villain sorry to any fans of the recent Venom incarnation of Flash Thompson.

2.Joker- the clown prince of crime with only one former identity (Red Hood)unless you count his identity in the first Tim Burton film (till this day my favorite) stopping at absolutely nothing to torment Gotham and Batman there’s not much of a motive to his madness you could never turn this guy into a hero he shall always be one of the greatest villains of all time.

1.Crime Syndicate – there is a good reason why this team made the list it’s an exact evil counterpart to the Justice League from a different dimension. With the powers of the Justice Leagues but no morals to hold them back, they’d put one hell of a fight on your hands.

Bad guys like this are what make our heroes so heroic and what keeps us cracking open new issues and of course keeps us clashing. Hector Ramirez deucing out until next time friends keep clashing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

24# - ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN: Introducing Miles Morales

Ultimate Spiderman 
Issues #1-3
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Sara Pinchelli
Marvel Comics

Review by Hector Ramirez

       So Norman Osborn wants to create another Spiderman. Nothing was working; none of the tests were working. None of the subject spiders showed any sign of radioactivity or the possibility of giving anyone spider powers. One of these spiders sneaks into a thief’s bag. This thief’s nephew just happens to be one Miles Morales and while he is visiting with his uncle, the spider crawls out of his bag and bites young Miles. This  causing him to pass out, foaming at the mouth. His father comes to get him and as his uncle and father argue. Miles runs off and finds himself disappearing from sight.
       Confused as to whats going on, he goes to talk to his best friend; who explains to him that he may be a spiderman. But Miles doesn’t want to be spiderman. Not even after saving people from a fire, he feels he doesn’t have the stomach for it. Then, the unthinkable happens. Spiderman, aka Peter Parker, is shot.
I’m just going to say right off the bat, and many here at J1 agree, it’s confusing why it worked with Miles and not the others. Other than that, I enjoyed these three issues. They were a good origin story. They helped readers relate to our hero. This is going to be a good series, watching Miles grow into his own and get out of Peter’s shadow. As usual, this has been Hector Ramirez until next time friends keep clashing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


  10. Ben Affleck as Daredevil/Matt Murdock- I'm sorry but I cannot take him seriously as a superhero. He's not a very convincing actor. He really can't stray too far in character and I believe Matt Murdock is not within his acting spectrum. I still believe Anthony Michael Hall (weird science,16 candles, tv's Dead Zone)would have made the perfect Matt Murdock. 

 9.Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy- Not that Uma Thurman isn't a good actress and I do find her attractive but Pamela Isley is supposed to be a young sex symbol. Uma Thurman is more of a cougar and she just didn't fit the bill. Her costumes were atrocious. She also kind of bombed with that part. It was as if she was trying too hard and it didn't work too well.

8.Emo/disco/pimp daddy Spidey- Seriously WTF!?!?!? What were they thinking? First, you see him emofy himself in the mirror. He keeps that look throughout the entire time that he had the black suit. Then, the hoodie over the black suit in the fight with Harry and his attitude? Like, come on. The whole disco scene? Really? Who walks down the street like that, walks into a store, buys a discount suit and goes Saturday Night Fever in the middle of the street. Plus, He's after every piece of tail he sees when he's supposed to be heartbroken over losing Mary Jane again.

7.Arnold schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze- First off, Mr freeze has always thin and cold in both power and personality. Arnold just did not fit the bill. He was way too big, cracking corny cold jokes and making his henchmen sing the cold miser theme from the Year Without a Santa Claus. There was nothing accurate about his portrayal of this character. The dude from Breaking Bad on AMC (aka Bryan Cranston, who just so happened to have voiced Jim Gordon in Batman:Year One; read the review) would be a great Mr. Freeze.
6.Batgirl in Batman and Robin- Nothing about this movie's version of Batgirl works for me. She's blonde. (Please don't kill Hector for not knowing Stephanie Brown) Alfred's niece made Batgirl by someone else. Alicia Silverstone was not a good choice. She come's off way too ditzy for the part. The backstory was weak.  They just did it all wrong. Two words: EPIC FAIL.
5.Batman Forever-They just failed all around with this movie. Robin was barely younger than Batman. The story wasn't bad but the city was outrageous and Robin was a douchebag. Riddler and Two-Face were way too giddy and hyperactive and the riddler was a bit flamboyant. I liked it as a kid. Looking back on it now, I can't stand it.

4.Neon Gotham- In both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, the city was outrageous with neon lights and paint everywhere. There are giant statues everywhere. The buildings are even fashioned out of statues. It just makes no sense the city didn't even look like that in comics or cartoons.

3.Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom-Epic Fail! He's too skinny, too goofy and too Eric Foreman. Nothing about him says Eddie Brock. Do what you want with his hair and cgi, he will always be Eric Foreman to me. They didn't even change his voice as venom and not once did he say "We are Venom."

2.Christian Bale as Batman-"WHERE'S RACHEL?" Better question is where's your talent? Never has Batman sounded more ridiculous. His portrayal of Bruce was ok but that voice was he trying to be Batman or cookie monster seriously FAILURE!!!

1.Hulk- The Incredible Hulk was a great revamp/sequel to what has to be the absolute worst comic movie of all time. They spent too much time explaining what happened to Banner and with his personal life and not enough action. The thing with the comic panels; what was that? Somebody please tell me! I wish I could forget I ever saw that sham of a movie and the cgi sucked.

Well, thats all folks as usual this has been Hector Ramirez until next time friends keep clashing

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#23 - Flash: Terminal Velocity-Use the Force Wally, the Speed Force that is

Ok so Wally West, aka the Flash, has been having these weird problems with his powers whenever he travels at a certain speed; he kind of fizzles out and fades away. As if that isn’t bad enough, Kobra has launched a worldwide plot which has every hero in the DC universe on call. Afraid he might fizzle and permanently disappear, Wally is looking for a replacement Flash and doesn’t believe Impulse is mature enough to take over the mantle. So he offers it to Jesse Quick. Shortly after, Wally actually does disappear and things go haywire. Then his significant other, Linda Park,  is put in harm’s way and Wally comes back from the Speed Force,  where he disappeared to. After defeating the leader of Kobra and helping cleaning up the mess, he explains how he came back which was love as corny as it sounds.

Despite the cheesy ending, I enjoyed the story. Impulse names himself. You see all the speedsters come together. After injuring her leg, Jesse Quick gets right back into the heat of things which I thought was pretty bad*** of her. And the way Wally just materialized while everyone was incapacitated and delivered an awesome beat down was just epic. It's stories like this that make me proud to be a fan of comics. I see that the new 52 is bringing back stories like this and I’m loving it. As usual, this has been Hector Ramirez until next time friends keep clashing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#22 -SPIDER-MAN - TORMENT: The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya?!?!?!

So I’m doing some random comic shopping at my local shop when I come across a set of 23 Spider-Man comics for $10, JACKPOT. First five books are the miniseries Torment by one of my favorite writers/artists Todd “Spawn” McFarlane, sweet. Unfortunately this is where the good news ends because I read the story the other night and I have one word for you. FAIL!!!
Okay so it starts off with Spidey just loving life while elsewhere in New York the Lizard is on a killing rampage. Upon realizing Connors is behind these massacres Peter sets out to figure out why he’s all of a sudden so violent. This leads to a vicious battle between the two where Pete realizes that he is not acting on his own and is in fact under a spell of some sort. After being poisoned by a clawing from the Lizard our hero finds himself under a similar spell that plays havoc with his spider-sense and causes him to hear a rhythm which I’m not really sure of the purpose. Turns out Connors was being controlled by a voodoo enchantress infatuated with Kraven the hunter and hell bent on killing Spider-Man. After losing control of Connors causing an explosion the witch disappears.
I bet you’re wondering why I said it fails well for one the whole rhythm thing who is he facing Gloria Estefan!?!?! Repetition was another annoying quality constantly repeating “rise above it all.” Finally while her beloved husband is knocking at deaths door Mary Jane is out partying wtf!?!? I’m a big McFarlane fan but this story has me disappointed. Well that’s all for now as usual this has been Hector Ramirez and until next time friends keep clashing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#21 -Ultimate Fallout: A World Without Peter Parker

So how does the world cope with the death of one of its most beloved heroes? Well, this miniseries definitely proves that everyone grieves in their own way that’s for sure. Peter Parker’s funeral was attended by hundreds of people far and wide, Steve Rogers blames himself, Thor believes Peter is on Valhalla, and Rogue sees his death as a sign of the apocalypse. With the pressure of constantly being in the public eye, Gwen Stacy and Aunt May decide to move to France. Johnny Storm, Bobby Drake, and Kitty Pryde go into hiding in the Morlock tunnels and Captain America in his grief has quit. While all of this is going, Quicksilver has a scheme brewing, and the government may be in trouble if the world finds out that they are responsible for creating mutants. And lets not forget the new spider powered kid on the streets of New York.

I enjoyed this story but Death of Spiderman was better in my eyes this was kind of all over the place. I am excited to see what happens with the new mutant situation and Quicksilver’s scheme and definitely the new Spidey. The ultimate universe is in for a lot and I can’t wait to read the new titles but they could have done a little better to space out the intro. Other than that great historic glad to read and review it, as usual this has been Hector Ramirez until next time friends keep clashing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#20 - BATMAN: The Widening Gyre -Sucks to be Bruce

Yea so I’m a huge Kevin Smith, I’ve seen every one of his movies so when I saw a Batman graphic novel naturally I had to pick it up.

Ok! So after going on a mission with Nightwing, Bruce is starting to miss the camaraderie of having a partner but isn’t too keen on bringing another Robin into the game. Getting home Alfred informs him an old flame, Silver St. Cloud, has arrived to see him starting a second chance for their relationship to flourish which it does seeing as Bruce proposes. At the same time, Gotham is overrun with criminal activity. Enter Baphomet, some guy that runs around in a goat mask to instill the fear of Satan into criminals. After a few assists from Baphomet, Batman decides to follow him home see what he’s all about. Baphomet earns Bruce’s trust so he takes him back to the Batcave to meet his new fiancé and make him part of the Bat- family. Big mistake! The guy takes a knife and plunges it into Silvers throat, end story.
I liked this story you see a lighter side to bruce that you don’t normally see but it’s a bit too light. First off, Batman never accepts help so readily even when he really needs it. Second he definitely never welcomes vigilantes into gotham and brings them into the Batcave for friggin eggs benedict with his fiancé. Kevin man I’m a big fan I love you but you
need to read up on your Batman.

 Well that’s all I’ve got to say as usual this has been Hector Ramirez, until next time friends keep clashing :p

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#19 -Batman vs. Predator 2: A Rogue’s Revenge

A year after the first Predator landed in Gotham another of the race decides he needs to prove himself by going after Batman himself. As if things weren’t bad enough after busting up one of their drug rings the mob has put a price on Batman’s head catching the attention of seven of the world’s best assassins. So with an alien hunter and seven cold blooded killers after him Batman can use all the help he can get enter the Huntress, out to stop the mob for her own reasons; and two other Predators out to bring the first one to justice for his rogue actions.
Well readers I promised you this and here it is. I enjoyed it more than the first more elements and a less predictable story. I like how they show the Huntress in her civilian identity and shine a light on why she does what it is that she does. Batman was really given a run for his money with this one the alien was a lot more cunning and ruthless than the first and this time around he didn’t have his special armor so he relied a lot more on his own cunning as well as help from his companions. This adventure brings Batman and Huntress closer and shows just how badass they both are. I mean stories like this are the reason I read comics and my love for comics has brought me here to share my thoughts with you fine people so as usual this has been Hector Ramirez and until next time friends keep clashing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Welcome to the 3rd CBC News Edition. We got news from all over and things are really starting to shake up as San Diego Comic Con starts this Thursday, July 21st 2011. So let's get down to the news.


    The relaunch of the DC Universe line has been mired with many controversies and interesting announcements. Yet, while Batman and Green Lantern will be seemingly unchanged by the events of the relaunch . . . Superman will be going through some of the biggest changes. Chief among them is an overhaul of his powers and origin. It seems that when Action Comics by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales starts out . . . Superman will be starting out with a Superman shirt, jeans and a cape with the fact that he can't fly so much as leap over buildings. Didio stated that it will begin 5 years ago, at what they call the Dawn of Superheroes and that Clark will not be able to fly and not as strong as he is now. 
     Not only that, but that Ma and Pa Kent will be, at the beginning of Action Comics, deceased. This radical change was prompted by the creators in order to bring Clark down to Earth and feel more isolated, according to many in DC administration. So Action Comics is gonna give us how Clark got to be who he is in the present but will find himself still finding his way in the world. 
   Over in Superman, George Perez promises to examine many of the relationships that Superman has with people which leads to another big change for the Man of Steel: Lois Lane and he will no longer be married. In the DCnU, Lois Lane will be in a relationship with someone else.
    Jim Lee commented on the reasoning behind that to NR:

Marriage brings about a certain degree of comfort and security in one's life. If you have a life partner, you always have someone to rely on. So from a story conflict point of view, it makes for a less dramatic story. I think a lot of writers can agree that one of the most dynamic periods of Superman's history was that period where there was a love triangle between Clark Kent, Superman and Lois Lane. There's a lot of tension and interest you create in the characters by having that kind of dynamic.

Didio added, from NR:

He's had so much learning and understanding from the days with his parents, but the rest of the discovery is on his own. If we had him married to Lois right now, he would always have a strong base to work from. We wanted to explore much bigger and wider stories with him. It's really the learning and growing of this character that is going to be the basis for so much of what Grant and George are going to be doing with their series and with Superman.

Grant Morrison writer of Action Comics said this about the DCnU Superman:

I was really looking at different techniques to find a way to do the series for a modern audience and also to take the core values of Superman and represent them in a way I hope we haven't seen before. And it's all there in that original story: what Superman is all about as a champion of the oppressed basically. I thought it'd be good to get back to that. It's a much more blue collar Superman, a Bruce Springsteen Superman. [Laughs] He's in a t-shirt and jeans, and he's fighting for poor people and people on the breadline who have been messed over by big businesses. It's back to that original Depression-era hero but updated to our current Depression era.

And thus, to give Superman a more sense of being alien while exploring the world and his own humanity, these are the reasons behind the changes; according to Didio and Lee. And Lee hinted that Morrison and Perez have plenty ideas to update the Superman mythos for both Superman and Clark Kent. How will these changes stand up? The two hope that it makes the character not only more accessible but actually add to the legend. Even the reasoning behind Clark taking up the new Superman uniform is to get in touch with his Kryptonian heritage.  We will see how these changes stand come September as Action Comics # 1 and Superman # 1 will make these debuts in stores. 


Coming from Dynamite, the cult favorite The Boys has already had 2 spin offs from the series and The Boys inch themselves to its final issue, which will be issue #60 which will be released late this year or the beginning of 2012. Now, its been confirmed that the mysterious asshole that is the leader of the Boys, Billy Butcher will be recieving his own miniseries.

  Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker will feature the history of Billy Butcher as we see him grow up, travel the world and "kill interesting people." The Boys creators Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson are extremely excited about this new miniseries, as they will also be together to create the story.

Robertson commented on the miniseries to CBR:

This mini series is essential to the "Boys" legacy. The script is one of Garth Ennis' finest, (personally my favorite since our work together on Marvel's Punisher: Born). It answers a lot of questions about who Butcher is and why he is the way he is. It is heartbreaking, and yet has the kind of action and humor you'd expect from the two of us. If you're a fan of the series, this is the story you've been waiting for!

Ennis himself added:

This is the story I've been waiting to tell since the very beginning of The Boys.  A good, long, disturbing look into the dark.

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker #1 by Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson will hit stores this week.


IDW seems to have all the licenses of the 80s, doesn' t it? Well, most of them. It has G.I. Joe, which all those sets of books, except for G.I.Joe: Real American Hero, all restarted this month with new # 1s and embroiled in the new Cobra Civil War storyline. They have True Blood, Doctor Who, Star Trek and even Transformers. And now . . . they can add another fan favorite property to their ranks as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming with a new ongoing series.

In partnership with Nickelodeon, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series will pick up where the original comic book series left off. The turtles will be back with their cast of Spinter, April o' Neal and more as they face a brand new enemy, a mutant cat named Old Hob as well as retell the origin of the turtles, setting up things to come. And who is with us on this ride? Co-creator and writer Kevin Eastman! Yes, Eastman returns to pen the series he created nearly 3 decades ago with all new adventure with hot new artist, Dan Duncan with covers by legendary artists Walt Simonson and Sam Keith.

Get ready as the Heroes in the Half Shell are ready to bring the pain back to this game.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 1 written by Kevin Eastman with covers by Simonson and Keith with art by Dan Duncan will be for $3.99 and hit stores this August. 


    Recently, Marvel did something in the Ultimate Universe they could never do in the regular Marvel Universe . . . kill Peter Parker. Yep. I am serious. Ultimate Peter Parker died saving Captain America doing the now landmark "Death of Spiderman" finale in Ultimate Spiderman #160 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. 
    Ultimate Fallout, the current miniseries that deals with the repercussions of the "Death of Spiderman" storyline is also being used as a launch pad for all 4 new Ultimate books that start in August and September. And while some buyer thought it does not matter, it has been confirmed that a new Ultimate Comics Spiderman will start as one of the 4 new Ultimates titles. 
    And while Brian Michael Bendis, the man who is behind Ultimate Spiderman since its inception is keeping the identity of Peter Parker's successor a big secret, fans won't have to wait long. Ultimate Fallout # 4 will feature a small part of it where Bendis and recent Ultimate Spiderman penciler Sara Pichelli will REVEAL to the world who the new Ultimate Spiderman will be.
    After that, jump on the Ultimate Comics Spiderman # 1 for the beginning of the new Spidey's adventures, written by Bendis and penciled by Pichelli. And while there has been NO confirmations on who the new Spidey will be . . . it has been rumored it would be Ultimate Ben Reilly, who, is not a clone but a young African American teen who is friends with Peter and whose family has connections to Peter's parents. We will have to see if it is Ben Reilly. 
   Ultimate Fallout # 4 is due out this August written by Jonathan Hickman, Brian Michael Bendis & Nick Spencer with art by Pascul Ferry, Sara Pichelli and Dustin Nguyen.

And its a small news week, due to most of the surprise will be coming out of the Comic Con this weekend. So expect a LOT of news for next weeks blog. And if you are in Philly during the second Friday in August. . . 


The J1 Culture Force is having their 1st official J1 An-Ex (Anime Experience)!!

You remember us from our Anime Events, but since we are growing/changing I figured we should get a new name as well.

It’s going to be at the Hawthorne Recreation Center (in Philadelphia, PA) on 12th and Carpenter St., which is six blocks down from South St. and two blocks East of Broad St. (near where CAPA and McDonald's are located)

$2 AT THE DOOR (free for children under 12).

- art for sale (commissions as well)
- food
- comics and action figures
- Yugi-Oh cards
- Prizes

Things to expect:
-Anime to watch
-Commissioned artists
-Accessories/Jewelry for sale
-3DS Streetpass Meeting
-Card battles are welcome (Yugi-Oh, Naruto, Pokemon and Magic)
-Cosplay contest
-$2 Raffle
-PSP and DS players are welcome
-Comic books, graphic novels and manga for sale

Hopefully we'll see you there!

See you next week all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Issues 156-160
Story (arc) Name: Death of Spider-man
Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mark Bagley
Marvel Comics

So I’m walking out of a comic shop when something shocking catches my eye; a flyer that reads Death of Spider-man on the back a complete reading list. No way was I missing this storyline. I’m a huge Spidey fan always have been although this was in the Ultimate universe, I knew this was an iconic event not to be missed
           Spider-man is deemed unsafe to practice super heroism without training. So the Ultimates are all chipping in to help train him. While this is going on, there is a traitor in S.H.I.E.L.D. and fingers are being pointed at both former director Nick Fury and current director Carol Danvers as more and more unauthorized super powered beings are popping up all over the world causing political uprisings. Each with their own team of supers, they get into a war of sorts in which Punisher attempts to take out Captain America’s kneecaps but Spidey takes the bullet for him straight through his back and out his gut. As the war wages on Pete sees the Sinister Six headed for his house so he swings off to spend his final moments protecting his friends and family. And if I may say so he went out in a blaze of glory.

   What can I say about this EPIC, HISTORIC event? For one, it was unexpected. I mean, its Spider-man and Ultimate Spider-man at that; meaning he’s only 16 so his death kind of hit me like an atom bomb (or a blast from the Shocker). Definitely a great build up. There was action throughout and his final fight, in my opinion, possibly the greatest show of just why Spider-man is awesome. The many different elements in the story kept me engrossed and I just couldn’t wait for the next issue. One thing I was kind of iffy about was the prelude not too sure how it fit whereas the follow up Ultimate Fallout: Spider-man No More; (which I will also review) picks right up where DOSM leaves off. While I am upset about the death of such a beloved character, I must say his death made for one hell of a read and from the looks of things many more to come with yet another relaunch of the Ultimate universe and a mysterious new Spidey taking Pete’s place Marvel is certainly looking out for us. And as long as they keep writing them, I’ll keep reading and reviewing them here on Comic Book Clash. So this has been Hector Ramirez, until next time friends keep clashing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Welcome to another edition of Comic Book Clash, where comic books clash for supremacy. Here's a piece on an old crossover.

Batman vs. Predator
Issues #1 -3
Written by Dave Gibbons; Art by Andy & Adam Kubert
Dark Horse/DC Comics 

          After the biggest boxing match of the year the winner is found brutally killed in his home, the first in a series of savage murders in Gotham City. The murderer somehow makes himself invisible and uses alien methods and technology Enter Batman who finds out that the killer is actually an alien hunter tracking down what he believes to be dominant figures in society. So can the world’s greatest detective take on a creature not of this world, can the Dark Knight beat the Predator?
Well first off I’m a sucker for crossovers, especially between comic companies, so I had to pick this story up. It was definitely a cliffhanger; it was like watching a Predator movie with Batman in it adding a new element to it. I for one liked the story it wasn’t cheesy and forced like some crossovers I’ve read there was plenty of action and suspense and no lame message behind it. If you like crossovers, alien killers and kick ass guys in capes then I suggest you get these books and the sequel where Batman is joined by Huntress review for that coming soon. This has been Hector Ramirez, until next time, keep clashing.

Plus: A special Video to go with this weeks review:

See you next week.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


"Powerless is Powerful"

Issues 1 -6
Written by Peter Johnson & Michael Chemiss; Art by Michael Gaydos
Marvel Comics

After waking up from a three day coma, Dr. Watts PhD finds what he thought was a lifetime in the Marvel universe was in fact only three days of dreams. Upon returning to work things really start to get interesting, new patients start triggering visions from his dreams. One of these new patients being timid orphaned teenager, Peter Parker, bitten by an irradiated spider his shriveled up near useless arm leaves him self conscious not to mention the stress of his internship with Stark industries and his best friend’s father Norman Osborn who is trying to get Stark’s secrets from Peter. A special case that takes him to Riker’s island Watts encounters Bruce Banner, a bio-geneticist suffering from bipolar schizophrenia causing him to burst out in uncontrollable fits of rage. And the excitement doesn’t end there, Watts is approached by blind defense attorney Matt Murdock to act as an expert witness in his defense of Frank Castle who was framed by Wilson Fisk, self proclaimed kingpin of crime, for the murder of the man who massacred Castle’s family. After a long day at work Dr. Watts goes home only to be attacked by Logan a hitman with no memory of who he is or why he kills.

Well that’s as much of the story as I’m going to give away without ruining it for those who might want to read it. Would I recommend it? Yes, especially to those who like alternate storylines. Beautiful art style, great story, theme eh. This particular theme has been done into the ground BUT Powerless does it in a way I’ve never seen. Instead of putting someone with no powers in an extraordinary situation and saying you don’t need powers to powerful the take super powers out of the equation entirely and put characters in human situations and see how things turn out. I enjoyed seeing my favorite Marvel characters as normal human beings dealing with challenging situations.