Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Main Story: Amazing Spiderman  #666 -#673 (Prelude, Parts 1 - 6 & Epilogue)

Side Stories: Various Spider-Island miniseries, one shots & tie in issues.

Marvel Comics

Review by Hector Ramirez

Clashers greetings, salutations and what’s up. Hector here. So as some of you may or may not know, New York has recently been infested with bedbugs (which is why I missed New York Comicon ) Marvel tells us true believers that this is due to one Dr. Miles “The Jackal” Warren (well technically there were multiple Miles Warrens but you know what I mean). He released genetically enhanced bedbugs to spread a spider-virus in an attempt to build an army of mutant spiders for The Queen, a former super soldier with her own spider based powers. So all of Manhattan is loving the spider powers until they start mutating. With all this a tribe of wasp people is out to destroy all spiders causing Spider-girl to team up with Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk and Hobgoblin. Also, Shang Chi and Iron Fist are kidnapped by a hypnotized Bride of 9 Spiders and have to fight Ai Apaek. Meanwhile, Cloak and Dagger come up against Mr. Negative when Dagger is foreseen as his downfall in the thick of it all. They end up switching powers. In the end, Spidey saves the day with the help of Eddie “Anti-Venom” Brock’s symbiote suit which was synthesized into a cure (which actually turns Kaine into a perfect clone of Peter which sets up for the new Scarlet Spider series).

This was definitely a great read lots of action, twists, and turns. The entire city with spider powers definitely not expected. As this goes on, you get to see Peter Parker as a person and so does everyone else. Swinging in his shoes, they (the people) get a feel for what it is he’s going through. It sucks his girl(Peter's) left him but there seemed to be hints that he may reunite with Mary Jane….again. I’m also interested in where this will leave Eddie Brock. The side stories are good too, and usually I don’t follow side stories. All in all, I recommend this mini-series for all true Spidey fans. It’s pretty epic and will most likely make a miniseries countdown in the future. Well that’s all for now. See you next week until next time friends, keep clashing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#26 : Shadowboxxer - The One Man Riot


Toro Comics

Written, Drawn & Created by Victor Toro

Edited by Marion N Beal

Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot From Toro Comics

Welcome back Clashers! Hector here, reviewing my first indie comic, ShadoBoxxer : One Man Riot. This is a story about a young man who feels the need to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. It starts out with the main character sharing a moment with, who I’m guessing, his mother as a child. Skip forward and we see our hero in full uniform; shuriken around his neck, leather jacket with a Puerto Rican flag on the back (Viva Boricua), and a red ninja mask. He gets a call to save two kids from a fire which is apparently a sentient being. After getting the kids out of the fire, he then goes back in to fight the fire demon type creature.

I enjoyed the book. It was well drawn in an anime style (which seems to be popular with indie artists). The hero seems pretty cool looking and  seems somewhat relate-able. The first issue sets up for a decent series but there were a few negatives to mention. First the story is kind of vague doesn’t really give you much information on why the main character does what he does what he does no mention of the creature’s motives. The characters weren’t really defined as people, you don’t really know anything about them . don’t get me wrong I see serious potential for this series it just needs to be reached . if the writer really works on this story I see myself becoming a devoted fan and I’m sure there will be others..
`` signing off for now, until next time friends keep clashing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey Clashers! Hector here coming at you with my thoughts on the first three issues of Static Shock. Ok! So Virgil and his family have just moved from Dakota to New York and Virgil has an internship with STAR labs. First day on the job, an experimental flight suit is stolen and the pilot/thief loses control. Enter Static, who manages to bring the situation under control only to see the pilot sniped right in front of him. Afraid of what the pilot might have told Static, the Slate Gang is sent after him.  Going along with them is a being named Virule; an energy based creature of some sort. After multiple confrontations, Static manages to turn Virule into sludge.

 This was a good intro to the new series. It introduced both Static and Virgil into the mix of things as well as the Slate Gang. It definitely had some setups for future storylines; like what’s going on with the theft of all this technology? Who’s this Pale face guy and what’s his connection to the Joke,r if any? Being a fan of the Static Shock cartoon on Kids WB, I’m liking the direction this series is going in and having Hardware as his mentor was pretty cool; didn’t see that coming at all. One complaint though. What up with Virgil’s sister dealing with a Ben Reilly complex I mean really DC. It’s one thing putting Clark Kent on Peter Parker’s level with the crappy apartment and all but ripping off the Clone saga for a side story come on. Well that’s all for now folks. Until next time friends, keep clashing!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This time, Hector goes through his top 10 Best Baddies in Comics. Take it away!

10.Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash-he absolutely hates Barry Allen and anyone associated with him. The lengths that he would go to are horrible from going back in time to push him down the steps when he was a kid to killing his mother and framing his father he’s a complete psycho and quite dangerous.

9.Lex Luthor-believes himself to be God’s gift to Metropolis. He does not like anyone taking his glory with unlimited resources and genius level intelligence, Luthor is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

8.Animus-cocky a smart ass and mad powerful this son of Hellsyn is no laughing matter with his sharp tongue and hell powers he’s no laughing matter and very entertaining to read about be sure to read about him in Angel Savior exclusively from J1Studios.

7.Violator-disguised as a disgusting fat little clown he is no Ronald McDonald. he hates Spawn for being considered as to lead Malebogia’s army . Violator believes he deserves to do this. When in his demonic form Violator is a problem.

6.Jason Wynn-unlimited reach in the government and ties with the Violator Wynn is the reason Al Simmons is Spawn using him to do his dirty work then disposed of him willing to do anything to cover his tracks getting on his bad side is not a good idea

5.Doctor Doom –ruler of Latveria master of both magic and science he is Reed Richards match in intellect definitely a serious threat and not one to be taken lightly.

4.Norman Osborn- completely insane maniacal and manipulative there isn’t much Osborn can’t do I mean the man made the nation believe he had reformed then attacked Asgard. They don’t come much worse than Norman Osborn.

3.Venom-a man with a majorly bruised ego and an alien symbiote giving him enhanced strength and mimicking spider powers can you say bad combo a fan favorite although portrayed as a hero at times venom is in my opinion is at his best as a villain sorry to any fans of the recent Venom incarnation of Flash Thompson.

2.Joker- the clown prince of crime with only one former identity (Red Hood)unless you count his identity in the first Tim Burton film (till this day my favorite) stopping at absolutely nothing to torment Gotham and Batman there’s not much of a motive to his madness you could never turn this guy into a hero he shall always be one of the greatest villains of all time.

1.Crime Syndicate – there is a good reason why this team made the list it’s an exact evil counterpart to the Justice League from a different dimension. With the powers of the Justice Leagues but no morals to hold them back, they’d put one hell of a fight on your hands.

Bad guys like this are what make our heroes so heroic and what keeps us cracking open new issues and of course keeps us clashing. Hector Ramirez deucing out until next time friends keep clashing.