Wednesday, June 13, 2012


  As stated before, we have moved. But more accurately, we have evolved. Hello Clashers. Former CBC EIC   Frankie Rodriguez here. I say former cause my title has changed twofold.

   From the earlier post, we have the new J1 Studios site where you can find all the stuff you used to find in sections all under one roof. You would just have to look it up and find it there. Everything is under categories. When J1 founder and President Jason Richardson decided to move forward, he wanted a unified site where everything would be in one roof. Comics, Anime, Gaming and more. All there. Like Kotaku. The one slight down side is that Comic Book Clash, The Reset Button and more are now no more. It is over. My title with J1 is now Comics Editor. But still, the site looks great. And while not all the CBC writers are there, you can join me, Hector and the rest of the J1 crew  at the new J1 Studios site.

  Now, I mentioned not all the CBC writers are in the new J1 site. But that is where I said my position evolved twofold. Behold, from the writers of CBC, welcome to the evolution of Comic Book Clash .. . The Broken Infinite. Every post on this site has been moved there besides a few. Just about every writer from CBC has come there with some fresh new blood. What is the Broken Infinite? Well, we are still primarily dealing with comics but we got some other stuff like tokusatsu and anime there. Also, many writers there have started a line of serials. Yes, brand new original stories featuring brand new characters from many writers including Darryll YTC Carter, Jeremias de Leon and of course, myself. The Broken Infinite wanted to be what Comic Book Clash was and more. And that is exactly what we're doing. We got stories, we got podcasts . .. and most importantly, everything that was part of CBC is there . . . just turned up to over 9000. *laughs* The Broken Infinite is vast and will be evolving, much like J1 Studios but in a different direction. So I am proud to unleash the new site, being the Editor-in-Chief there. We are committed to giving you what you had in Comic Book Clash and more.

  Comic Book Clash has evolved. What was once one is now two. With very few similarities. But that is the best part. Go onto the fun of J1 then step into the Broken Infinite.

So, Comic book Clash is Dead, Long Live J1 Studios. Long Live The Broken Infinite. So come along. Join us. We're waiting for you.

And we want to thank all our fans for all their support and love over the past year. THE BEST .. . is YET TO COME.


Frankie Rodriguez
Former EIC of CBC

Comics Editor of J1 Studios
Founder & EIC of The Broken Infinite.

Friday, June 1, 2012

We Moved!!

We are not going away, but becoming the more unified J1 Studios that we were supposed to be. This blog will be moving over to the new home for all J1 Studios sections. 
There's good news and there's bad news. 
The bad news is that we won't have our specific section names. The good news is that what we post will stay the same quality if not better, and we will be able to post more often than once a week, that way you can come back at ANY time and find more and more news and reviews. We will also truly be under one roof. If you are looking for a specific subject when you get there, you can use our new search bar, or our Categories section on the right of the new site. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Come see us at

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Miles to Climb: Miles Morales as Spiderman

by Hector Ramirez

            Hola, gutentag, bonjour and hello clashers. Your friendly neighborhood clasher here continuing our year long celebration of the wall crawler. We’ve looked at two brave men who have taken on the Spiderman mantle and this month, we look at the latest man beneath the webbed mask; who, coincidentally, is actually not a man but a young boy even younger than Peter in any version of his assumption of the mantle. Of course, I’m speaking of  the current Ultimate Spiderman: Miles Morales. While visiting his uncle, Miles is bitten by a scientifically-altered spider and the rest as they say is history.

Since obtaining the spider powers, Miles wasn’t sure what to do. He was afraid, as any young child would be, and his father’s meta-bashing doesn’t help at all. He doesn’t know what to do. He didn’t know how to be a super hero and he wasn’t exactly looking to be one. But even with the fear and the doubt, Miles heard the calling. He knew that with great power came great responsibility. Miles definitely brings something new to the Spiderman title. He’s very uncertain and having the first Spiderman to live up to makes him even more so.  As he gets use to his role as Spiderman, he becomes more confident finding innovative ways to use his powers by both studying Peter and coming into his own with his own unique powers like the camouflage and spider sting. Starting off, taking out the Kangaroo then proving himself to Nick Fury by bringing down Electro.

Watching Miles grow as both a person and a hero has been entertaining so far and is sure to be an increasingly great read. Seeing how he deals with Peter’s remaining villains, his uncle, his father and the new villains makes for great stories in the future. We’ll see if Miles can grow to be as great as Peter if not better. Lord knows he’ll pick up some pointers from Peter in Spidermen. Until next time friends, keep clashing.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The Robin Movie: An Unhealthy Obsession
Film by Saul Kramer
Review by Hector Ramirez

So Frankie and I were enjoying Free Comic Book Day when I’m approached by one Mr. Saul Kramer. He had noticed me in my Robin caped t-shirt and figured me a Robin fan. So, he came up to me and pitched this movie that he posted on youtube to me. Well, I went online and looked it up.

Ok. Jay is a young man whose father left him with nothing more than an obsession with Robin the Boy Wonder. None of his friends understand why he likes Robin so much and the neighborhood bullies don’t make life much easier. Jay gets sick of the bullies and decides to put on his father's old Robin costume and take care of the bullies himself. Of course, he didn’t stop to think that all those to take on the mantle of Robin went through vigorous training whereas he thought he could simply beat the guys with a broomstick. His sister-in- law explains to him that he took things too far; that being kind and generous is heroic in its own right.

I’ll start off by saying it was well made for an independent film. The acting wasn’t bad and the camera work was great. The theme “you don’t have to be a superhero to be a superhero” was pretty cliché. If I recall correctly, it’s the slogan for the current DC charity campaign. The story was kind of weak.  It was like the beginning of Kick-Ass; a comic loving nerd tries to be a superhero and gets beaten senseless. At least he wasn’t crippled like Kick-Ass. Another thing, his sister-in-law tells him he went too far; yet him standing up to the bully was her idea. And I may be knit picking but he goes on and on about how Dick Grayson is the best Robin yet all his posters and comics are of Tim Drake or Damien Wayne and his costume was similar to Jason Todd’s. All in all, it was good for what it was but not great. I give it a Tim Drake Robin (3 out of 5). Next week, I take a look at Tokusatsu Spiderman as part of our year long celebration. Until then friends, keep clashing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012




by Hector Ramirez

Hello Clashers, your friendly neighborhood Clasher here. It’s that time of the month where us Clashers become crawlers swingers and slingers, of the wall and web variety that is. It’s time for another 50 year anniversary celebration of the spectacular, sensational, amazing and just recently fantastic, and avenging SPIDERMAN. Now last month  I took you all into the future for a look at how Miguel O’Hara did things as the wall crawler. Well this week we take a look at Ben Reilly and his reign as the web slinger. So follow me through New York as we take a look how Peter’s clone filled in for him.

            Dr. Miles “The Jackal” Warren became obsessed with Peter Parker and his girlfriend Gwen Stacy and decides to clone them….repeatedly. After finally perfecting a Peter clone he convinced him that Peter was in fact the clone. A huge fight ensues which ends with Peter throwing the clone into a smoke stack, leaving him for dead. The clone, who actually survived, climbs out and instead of trying to interfere with Peter decides to start a life of his own. After spending several years traveling the world under the assumed name Ben Reilly (Ben in memory of his late uncle and Reilly Aunt May’s maiden name) keeping tabs on Peter through Aunt May claiming to be a long lost cousin, decided to return to New York. Dying his hair so that people wouldn’t recognize him as Peter, Ben takes on odd jobs around the city and wall crawling as the Scarlet Spider. Eventually Ben and Peter meet and team up keeping up the charade of Ben being a distant cousin. The two became close, (makes sense they’re basically the same person) so when Peter decides he wants to call it quits, Ben, reluctantly at first, takes on the mantle. (Not like many other people could.)

             To feel like his own man, Ben designed a new costume, which was a revamp (and in my opinion an improvement) on the classic red and blue costume. At this time Ben and Peter have been misled to believe that Ben was the real Peter under the orders of Norman Osborn. Because of the different costume the Daily Bugle ran a story claiming New York Had a new Spiderman but later dropped the story when given evidence to the contrary. Only a select few who knew Peter as Spiderman knew the truth. During that time Ben went through quite a bit, like being bonded with the Carnage symbiote for a short time. 

          Ben found a steady job at a restaurant before it was burned down by the Hobgoblin who framed Ben for the arson had his bank account frozen and robbed him of everything. Peter and Mary Jane returned to New York from Portland right before many of New York’s Heroes disappeared during the Onslaught incident. During this time Peter dawned his costume to help keep New York safe under the watchful eye of two Spidermen. Eventually this also came to an end when Norman Osborn finally came out of hiding. Mockingly admitting that it was he who had misled them to break Peter’s spirits and revealing was in fact the clone. A battle between the three ensues ending with Ben being impaled by the goblin glider and disintegratingas ben dies Peter leaves him wit the final words "rest easy"

    Ben Reilly brings new characters from his travels into the world of Spiderman, making it that much more interesting. When he wore the webs, there was a fresh twist on Spidey while retaining all that made the title what it was. Well, that's all for now. Until next time friends, keep clashing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


            Hey there Clashers, Hector here coming at you with one "Hell" of a review. This week, we'll  be looking at a story that takes it's four heroes to Hell and back, literally, in this storyline Marvel brings together one of the most ragtag bunch of 3rd generation heroes and really give them their own purpose. So, grab your spf 666 and let us descend shall we.
            Story starts off with Flash "Venom" Thompson having gone AWOL after the government attempted to remove the symbiote from him. Thunderbolt"Red Hulk" Ross is sent after him to bring him in. Meanwhile , Johnny Blaze is training Alejandra, the newest Ghost Rider, who is less than grateful to say the least. At this time, Blackheart has launched a plan to bring Hell to Earth with Sin City itself as the doorway. Once Hell was brought to Earth, he planned on using an army of symbiote clones of X-23 to overtake his father as King of Hell. X-23 was on a mission to make sure her DNA wasn't used for such heinous purposes. Blackheart tricks Alejandra to open the portal and keep it open. Johnny agrees to take her place while she teams up with the other three to stop Blackheart.
            Hell on Earth has been done over and over again in  all forms of media but this was different. Storywise, it was enjoyable, not cliche or slow. Usually, in these kinds of stories, there would be one, shining, divine hero. Instead, we got 4 questionable heroes. It had action even with the hell mumbo jumbo. It was fast paced, exciting and different. The art was great. No complaints there. It really complimented the story. It wasn't too cartoony or artsy, yet not too realistic. Overall, it was a good book but not great. I dont know just didnt exactly blow my mind. I give it a Red Robin (3 out of 5).  Well, that's all for now. Until next time Clashers, keep clashing.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Special Segment by Hector Ramirez

Hey there Clashers, your Friendly Neighborhood Clasher here. It’s about time we swing into the world of Spiderman and take a look at the future.

      Throughout the history of media the future has been a very popular theme with books like 1984, movies like Back to the Future, and TV shows like The Jetsons, it seems like we as a people just can’t help but to ponder what this unknown time holds for us. Marvel is no exception to this curiosity with their 2099 line in the 90’s, where heroic mantles are taken up by new avatars in the future where the heroic age is no more.
Imagine if you will a world where the police only protect you if you pay your monthly protection bill. Where the heroes are gone except in memory. With Thor back in Asgard and being worshipped as a full blown deity. A future where corporations rule all, and mold their great minds from childhood.

One of those great minds is Miguel O’Hara; brought up by Alchemax to be one of their greatest scientists. Miguel was working on a way to rewrite DNA and was getting very far with his research but was sick of his boss’s vindictive ways so was ready to quit. Not wanting to lose his greatest employee, the CEO of Alchemax injected Miguel with a drug that grafts to a person’s DNA so they can never be over their addiction. And what do you know Alchemax holds exclusive patent on this drug and as long as he stays with them Miguel gets a free steady supply. Miguel attempts to use his research to rewrite his own DNA with an untainted sample of his DNA. Unfortunately, Miguel had a lab partner who was not content with living in his shadow. In his jealousy, Miguel’s lab partner replaces his DNA sample with a spider DNA sample they were working with turning Miguel into a new Spiderman.

Miguel wasn’t exactly thrilled to have his DNA grafted with that of a spider; especially with the police force in Alchemax’s pocket and chasing down the “mysterious spider-powered intruder” but as he runs home he sees this as an opportunity to get back at the tyrant running Alchemax. Dawning an old day of the dead costume he got in Mexico, Miguel starts publicly attacking Alchemax as well as trying to bring them down from the inside. While attempting to escape the police Miguel sees how people outside of the corporate bubble still need heroes and takes it upon himself to be one.

Miguel O’Hara is definitely his own Spiderman. Because of the way he was raised, first by his hot headed father then by his cold hearted boss, he himself can be both hot heated and coldhearted at times. He’s nowhere near as free-spirited as Peter nor does he know much about a nurturing loving upbringing. On the same token however Miguel was living in the lap of luxury since he was 10 years old. The futuristic New York definitely adds a new dynamic to both the story and the characters themselves. The living conditions of the poor side of the city has people doing the craziest things to survive. One man calling himself the Vulture uses a flight harness similar to that of his namesake to protect the people under his watch. Seems heroic but any who dare threaten his followers…. Are killed and eaten. Miguel at one point teams up with the Vulture to protect innocent people but after finding out about his….”special diet” Miguel ends up at odds with the cannibal. Another interesting dynamic is the use of technology. Being set in the future gives it a certain science fiction element. At some point Miguel winds up in a virtual reality program trying to save his brother from a living virus.

Besides names and powers, Spidey 2099 is in no way like Peter Parker; comparing them would barely make sense. If you blurred out titles and Spiderman from th books you would never think to link the two. The variety is in my opinion a good thing so your not jut reading about a knock-off Peter Parker. Im glad they also made Miles Morales his own Spiderman as well but that’s a segment for another month in this year long web of celebration so until next time friends, keep clashing.