Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#19 -Batman vs. Predator 2: A Rogue’s Revenge

A year after the first Predator landed in Gotham another of the race decides he needs to prove himself by going after Batman himself. As if things weren’t bad enough after busting up one of their drug rings the mob has put a price on Batman’s head catching the attention of seven of the world’s best assassins. So with an alien hunter and seven cold blooded killers after him Batman can use all the help he can get enter the Huntress, out to stop the mob for her own reasons; and two other Predators out to bring the first one to justice for his rogue actions.
Well readers I promised you this and here it is. I enjoyed it more than the first more elements and a less predictable story. I like how they show the Huntress in her civilian identity and shine a light on why she does what it is that she does. Batman was really given a run for his money with this one the alien was a lot more cunning and ruthless than the first and this time around he didn’t have his special armor so he relied a lot more on his own cunning as well as help from his companions. This adventure brings Batman and Huntress closer and shows just how badass they both are. I mean stories like this are the reason I read comics and my love for comics has brought me here to share my thoughts with you fine people so as usual this has been Hector Ramirez and until next time friends keep clashing.

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