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Hey there clashers with 2012 right around the corner I thought id take a look at those special panels that made 2011 a great year for comic fans. Up, up, and away we go.

11.Casey Jones dawning his mask for the time in the series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- I don’t know about you guys but that was one of those moments that hit with a dash of  awesome with a pinch of nostalgia. Any fan of the franchise following this series knows they were itching to see that since he was introduced as Casey Jones. Any comic fan that likes costumed characters knows that the moment you see that character in that iconic costume is a big deal.  

10.Logan sending Matt Murdock to sue the Hellfire clubs’ Black King: Wolverine and the X-Men- I know doesn’t seem like a big deal but hear me out. First off the little brat has been a thon in the X-Men’s side for quite a while being a large element leading to Schism providing the ’Super’ Sentinel that attacked Utopia. Then doing all he could to destroy the Jean Grey school he’s lucky he wasn’t dealing with old Logan who would have gutted the twerp without a second thought. But the new sensible Logan sent one of the most iconic lawyers in the Marvel universe after him, the only other acceptable alternative would have been sending She-Hulk but I believe the subtlety of Matt played out very well.

9.Aunt May pulling a revolver on Electro in Death of Spiderman- Before the DOSM series, I didn’t really read Ultimate Spiderman all like that; so I’m used to seeing Aunt May as a frail little old lady that the last thing I would have expected to see is her pulling this big old gun out of her glove compartment and busting a cap in a highly powered super villain. I was astounded I applaud Mrs. Parker for her courage and homage to Dirty Harry.

8.The Hulk punching a hulked out boar so hard he traveled from the Earth’s core through the ocean floor and landed on an icy tundra: Incredible Hulk: Well that was quite a bit to type but I had to have this on my list. You see since being separated from Banner Hulk doesn’t really seem angry any more so some readers might say he doesn’t have it in him anymore. Some may go as far as saying he went soft but in moments like that he reminds us all ’hey I may have found inner peace but I’m still the Hulk and Hulk is still the strongest there is.’

7.Nick Fury and his hulked out Avengers team up with the Ultimates to stop super powered anarchy in Asia : Avengers Vs. New Ultimates- Seems like just a clean up scene but seeing as the scene before had them pitted against each other I rather enjoyed it. That surprise team-up element gets me every time and the hulked out aspect helped. Hulks smash on.

6.Thor frying Gregory Stark: Avengers Vs. New Ultimates- Call it a dark sense of humor but I found it hilarious and the way Thor answers to Tony when he freaks….Priceless. After everything Gregory did selling super powers on the black market pitting Danvers and Fury against each other an causing worldwide panic lets just say karma is a cruel mistress. Thor I raise my glass to thee.

5. Miles Morales receiving his new costume from SHIELD: Ultimate Comics Presents All New Spiderman-As I mentioned back at number 11 the first glimpse at that costume is a big deal. Even more so when the character receives said costume as a right of passage. To me this moment symbolizes Mr. Morales truly being accepted into the Marvel universe. That being said I salute you Miles, wear that costume with pride and make us proud.  

4.Spidey combining his spider-sense with his kung fu training: Spider-Island- after losing his spider sense Pete sought kung fu training to bridge the gap but after getting it back during Spider-Island it just made him that much better. It was like he was unstoppable 3 steps ahead of everyone it was like Bruce Lee in the Matrix. Well done Peter, well done.

3.Superman bum rushing Green Lantern: Justice League- I’m not sure but seeing teammates fight before they form a team gets me all giddy inside and I know I’m not the only one. Another thing that made this moment epic was the fact that it happened after a major ego trip from Hal. Most readers will say Mr. Jordan was quite arrogant in his first years and would probably join me as I tip my hat to Kal-El.

2.The arrival of Darkseid: Justice League- Just as first suit up is a monumental occasion so is the first appearance of a major villain especially one that’s been redesigned. Kind of came off like Michael Weston from Burn Notice with that comment. Any way his arrival took up the majority of a two page spread and with good reason. He is one of the Leagues greatest adversaries what better way to bring them together. His appearance has just paved the way for an epic story arc.

1.The return of Johnny Storm: Fantastic Four: Some readers may be angered that he’s back because they don’t like that comic characters rarely ever stay dead. Well those naysayers need not agree with me for I was ecstatic at Mr. Storm’s return. His ‘death’ was a big moment in comic history making his return that much more epic. The man has been through hell and back and is that much greater for it. Welcome back Johnny you have been missed.

Well that’s it folks its been a great year in comics and I’m glad I could share it with you until the new year this Hector signing off until next time friends. Keep Clashing

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