Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Welcome back Clashers! ’Tis I, Hector, here with an unfortunately scalding review of  both Jake Estrada’s first and latest works; both edited by Beth Sipps with design assistance on Bocas by Adriana Estrada. I have to warn you all I was not very interested in neither one of these I found them to be horrible and I may be kind of harsh in this review.

Starting off with Bocas named for its main character; who is a Punisher- type character with telekinesis of some sort trying to clear the streets of Bridgeton of scum. You know, mobsters and such. While he’s on his mission, there’s some guy named Vato killing in the name of a demon lord named Cabala. Bocas is also being hunted by the son of one of his former targets.

      Next, we have Bridgeton Nights. Bocas is back and looking to recruit a partner. The test target?
Some psycho rapist killer whose last victim was his own mother.
Ok, you guys probably noticed I didn’t write that much about the plot and here’s why.

                                       THERE WAS NO PLOT!!!

 Both books were made of random events and newspaper articles while all related to each other. They had no real semblance of a plotline and the killings were very sick and brutal . While the art in Bridgeton nights was noticeably better, I can't say much more positive about either book. I mean, if you take each little event you could make a few good plotlines but he didn’t do that. So all I see is a failed attempt at a comic book series.
Sorry to Mr. Estrada and his cohorts or fans but that’s all I have to say. Until next time friends, keep clashing.


  1. Hector, thanks for the review. No need to be sorry if you didn’t like it at all. However, I think it would have been much better if you gave the readers a better in-depth review. Just telling someone there is no plot isn’t really telling. In fact you are guilty of the same thing you are slamming me here? A very lacking review. LOL

    You should have looked into each part of the book, explain what was going on in the books and how the events turned out in each chapter and if that had you tearing apart the material that is fine. What we got here was just this very thin review that offered no true critiques or bashing. It was one dimensional to say the least, but I did laugh hard. Thanks. I guess you found no redeeming quality on the work and I can accept that. But the review was quite lackluster and I have noticed this trend on quite a few of your reviews. Namely last weeks review of Guytron.

    If you are going to use a title stating Bocas vs. Bridgeton Nights I would expect you to offer an honest critique of both products. Tell the people on this board that the first book you reviewed Bocas: Bridgeton Nights was black and white, while the latest offering Bridgeton Nights proper was in full color. You made a tiny mention on the art stating that it was much better, but that’s the only insight you offered when you could have dug in deeper and given your crowd much more information. Hopefully there was no hate here due to my brutal illustrations? My art isn’t for the weak of stomach. LOL

    You have no scale to gauge how bad the titles were, how it could improve or what they should do to improve.

    Maybe you could also direct your readers to the books/sites where they are sold, places such as amazon, graphicly, drivethrucomics, mydigital comics and on forth which could allow them to form their own opinions. Because quite frankly my friend, if I were reading this page casually and had seen this review on a title, it wouldn’t help me inform an opinion because it was that thin. Anyway hopefully my points about your review will help you grow as a writer, and next time you will have a stronger clearer message to give to the masses.

    I want to see growth in your reviewing process in the future where it makes your site unique and you stand out in the crowd instead of this below generic review. Thanks and take care.

    Jake Estrada

  2. This really was a bulliest display of a hate crime. I mean it's a classic case of:: I CAN'T DO NOR HAVE EVER EVEN TAKEN A SHOT AT IT SO LET ME BUILD MY WORLD AROUND BASHING THE ONES WHO DO.
    I say keep on keepin on Mr. Estrada & give the rest the finger!

    yours truly