Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#28 - GUYTRON: HOMECOMING - A One Title Chich`e Encyclopedia

by Hector Ramirez

    Greetings clashers! It’s your friendly neighborhood reviewer, Hector here with a not so friendly review of Guytron: Homecoming; created, written, penciled, and inked by Raymond Leonard; colored by Virginie Menard; lettered by Ryan Leonard and edited and published by Michael McClain of M-studios.

     We start with an alien invasion of epic proportions. The Hakillian Empire has sent out their Scandroids to destroy any resistance. After Commander Vicon of the Macron defense council is killed, Lycon, one of the final soldiers under his command, crash lands on Earth in his attempt to escape. Who should happen upon the crash site but our reluctant hero, Galvin Fry, on his way home from work. In his dying moments, Lycon passed on his Gadgetron, the source of his power, to Galvin. Upon receiving the Gadgetron, Galvin gets attacked by Scandroids and is rescued by Sable, an Earthbound Macronian bonded to action star, Brett Cruz. After explaining the Gadgetron to Galvin, Sable leaves a little too soon and the military comes for Galvin.

    I'm going to start off saying this: I did enjoy the story to a certain extent it was suspenseful. The hero was relatable and I’m really interested in seeing how it goes. I encourage the team at M-studios to continue this story but I do have some criticism about it. First off, everything ends in “on” very cliché. And that’s not the only overused element in this comic. Starts off with an alien empire trying to take over the universe. Gee, never saw that before. It continues with a dying alien passing on his power to a relative nobody; where does he come up with this stuff. And finally the overzealous military sending out their top agent to acquire the alien technology; Nope, sure didn’t see that coming. Another thing that pissed me off is the 3 part story ended in a serious cliffhanger AND THE HERO NEVER DAWNS HIS ARMOR, smh. The dialogue was a bit forced; like he was trying too hard to make it seem believable……. and failed. If Mr. Leonard works on these things he’s got himself a fan.

That’s all for now until next time friends, keep clashing.

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