Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Welcome to another edition of Comic Book Clash, where comic books clash for supremacy. Here's a piece on an old crossover.

Batman vs. Predator
Issues #1 -3
Written by Dave Gibbons; Art by Andy & Adam Kubert
Dark Horse/DC Comics 

          After the biggest boxing match of the year the winner is found brutally killed in his home, the first in a series of savage murders in Gotham City. The murderer somehow makes himself invisible and uses alien methods and technology Enter Batman who finds out that the killer is actually an alien hunter tracking down what he believes to be dominant figures in society. So can the world’s greatest detective take on a creature not of this world, can the Dark Knight beat the Predator?
Well first off I’m a sucker for crossovers, especially between comic companies, so I had to pick this story up. It was definitely a cliffhanger; it was like watching a Predator movie with Batman in it adding a new element to it. I for one liked the story it wasn’t cheesy and forced like some crossovers I’ve read there was plenty of action and suspense and no lame message behind it. If you like crossovers, alien killers and kick ass guys in capes then I suggest you get these books and the sequel where Batman is joined by Huntress review for that coming soon. This has been Hector Ramirez, until next time, keep clashing.

Plus: A special Video to go with this weeks review:

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