Wednesday, June 13, 2012


  As stated before, we have moved. But more accurately, we have evolved. Hello Clashers. Former CBC EIC   Frankie Rodriguez here. I say former cause my title has changed twofold.

   From the earlier post, we have the new J1 Studios site where you can find all the stuff you used to find in sections all under one roof. You would just have to look it up and find it there. Everything is under categories. When J1 founder and President Jason Richardson decided to move forward, he wanted a unified site where everything would be in one roof. Comics, Anime, Gaming and more. All there. Like Kotaku. The one slight down side is that Comic Book Clash, The Reset Button and more are now no more. It is over. My title with J1 is now Comics Editor. But still, the site looks great. And while not all the CBC writers are there, you can join me, Hector and the rest of the J1 crew  at the new J1 Studios site.

  Now, I mentioned not all the CBC writers are in the new J1 site. But that is where I said my position evolved twofold. Behold, from the writers of CBC, welcome to the evolution of Comic Book Clash .. . The Broken Infinite. Every post on this site has been moved there besides a few. Just about every writer from CBC has come there with some fresh new blood. What is the Broken Infinite? Well, we are still primarily dealing with comics but we got some other stuff like tokusatsu and anime there. Also, many writers there have started a line of serials. Yes, brand new original stories featuring brand new characters from many writers including Darryll YTC Carter, Jeremias de Leon and of course, myself. The Broken Infinite wanted to be what Comic Book Clash was and more. And that is exactly what we're doing. We got stories, we got podcasts . .. and most importantly, everything that was part of CBC is there . . . just turned up to over 9000. *laughs* The Broken Infinite is vast and will be evolving, much like J1 Studios but in a different direction. So I am proud to unleash the new site, being the Editor-in-Chief there. We are committed to giving you what you had in Comic Book Clash and more.

  Comic Book Clash has evolved. What was once one is now two. With very few similarities. But that is the best part. Go onto the fun of J1 then step into the Broken Infinite.

So, Comic book Clash is Dead, Long Live J1 Studios. Long Live The Broken Infinite. So come along. Join us. We're waiting for you.

And we want to thank all our fans for all their support and love over the past year. THE BEST .. . is YET TO COME.


Frankie Rodriguez
Former EIC of CBC

Comics Editor of J1 Studios
Founder & EIC of The Broken Infinite.

Friday, June 1, 2012

We Moved!!

We are not going away, but becoming the more unified J1 Studios that we were supposed to be. This blog will be moving over to the new home for all J1 Studios sections. 
There's good news and there's bad news. 
The bad news is that we won't have our specific section names. The good news is that what we post will stay the same quality if not better, and we will be able to post more often than once a week, that way you can come back at ANY time and find more and more news and reviews. We will also truly be under one roof. If you are looking for a specific subject when you get there, you can use our new search bar, or our Categories section on the right of the new site. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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