Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#20 - BATMAN: The Widening Gyre -Sucks to be Bruce

Yea so I’m a huge Kevin Smith, I’ve seen every one of his movies so when I saw a Batman graphic novel naturally I had to pick it up.

Ok! So after going on a mission with Nightwing, Bruce is starting to miss the camaraderie of having a partner but isn’t too keen on bringing another Robin into the game. Getting home Alfred informs him an old flame, Silver St. Cloud, has arrived to see him starting a second chance for their relationship to flourish which it does seeing as Bruce proposes. At the same time, Gotham is overrun with criminal activity. Enter Baphomet, some guy that runs around in a goat mask to instill the fear of Satan into criminals. After a few assists from Baphomet, Batman decides to follow him home see what he’s all about. Baphomet earns Bruce’s trust so he takes him back to the Batcave to meet his new fiancé and make him part of the Bat- family. Big mistake! The guy takes a knife and plunges it into Silvers throat, end story.
I liked this story you see a lighter side to bruce that you don’t normally see but it’s a bit too light. First off, Batman never accepts help so readily even when he really needs it. Second he definitely never welcomes vigilantes into gotham and brings them into the Batcave for friggin eggs benedict with his fiancé. Kevin man I’m a big fan I love you but you
need to read up on your Batman.

 Well that’s all I’ve got to say as usual this has been Hector Ramirez, until next time friends keep clashing :p

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