Wednesday, October 26, 2011

24# - ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN: Introducing Miles Morales

Ultimate Spiderman 
Issues #1-3
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Sara Pinchelli
Marvel Comics

Review by Hector Ramirez

       So Norman Osborn wants to create another Spiderman. Nothing was working; none of the tests were working. None of the subject spiders showed any sign of radioactivity or the possibility of giving anyone spider powers. One of these spiders sneaks into a thief’s bag. This thief’s nephew just happens to be one Miles Morales and while he is visiting with his uncle, the spider crawls out of his bag and bites young Miles. This  causing him to pass out, foaming at the mouth. His father comes to get him and as his uncle and father argue. Miles runs off and finds himself disappearing from sight.
       Confused as to whats going on, he goes to talk to his best friend; who explains to him that he may be a spiderman. But Miles doesn’t want to be spiderman. Not even after saving people from a fire, he feels he doesn’t have the stomach for it. Then, the unthinkable happens. Spiderman, aka Peter Parker, is shot.
I’m just going to say right off the bat, and many here at J1 agree, it’s confusing why it worked with Miles and not the others. Other than that, I enjoyed these three issues. They were a good origin story. They helped readers relate to our hero. This is going to be a good series, watching Miles grow into his own and get out of Peter’s shadow. As usual, this has been Hector Ramirez until next time friends keep clashing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


  10. Ben Affleck as Daredevil/Matt Murdock- I'm sorry but I cannot take him seriously as a superhero. He's not a very convincing actor. He really can't stray too far in character and I believe Matt Murdock is not within his acting spectrum. I still believe Anthony Michael Hall (weird science,16 candles, tv's Dead Zone)would have made the perfect Matt Murdock. 

 9.Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy- Not that Uma Thurman isn't a good actress and I do find her attractive but Pamela Isley is supposed to be a young sex symbol. Uma Thurman is more of a cougar and she just didn't fit the bill. Her costumes were atrocious. She also kind of bombed with that part. It was as if she was trying too hard and it didn't work too well.

8.Emo/disco/pimp daddy Spidey- Seriously WTF!?!?!? What were they thinking? First, you see him emofy himself in the mirror. He keeps that look throughout the entire time that he had the black suit. Then, the hoodie over the black suit in the fight with Harry and his attitude? Like, come on. The whole disco scene? Really? Who walks down the street like that, walks into a store, buys a discount suit and goes Saturday Night Fever in the middle of the street. Plus, He's after every piece of tail he sees when he's supposed to be heartbroken over losing Mary Jane again.

7.Arnold schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze- First off, Mr freeze has always thin and cold in both power and personality. Arnold just did not fit the bill. He was way too big, cracking corny cold jokes and making his henchmen sing the cold miser theme from the Year Without a Santa Claus. There was nothing accurate about his portrayal of this character. The dude from Breaking Bad on AMC (aka Bryan Cranston, who just so happened to have voiced Jim Gordon in Batman:Year One; read the review) would be a great Mr. Freeze.
6.Batgirl in Batman and Robin- Nothing about this movie's version of Batgirl works for me. She's blonde. (Please don't kill Hector for not knowing Stephanie Brown) Alfred's niece made Batgirl by someone else. Alicia Silverstone was not a good choice. She come's off way too ditzy for the part. The backstory was weak.  They just did it all wrong. Two words: EPIC FAIL.
5.Batman Forever-They just failed all around with this movie. Robin was barely younger than Batman. The story wasn't bad but the city was outrageous and Robin was a douchebag. Riddler and Two-Face were way too giddy and hyperactive and the riddler was a bit flamboyant. I liked it as a kid. Looking back on it now, I can't stand it.

4.Neon Gotham- In both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, the city was outrageous with neon lights and paint everywhere. There are giant statues everywhere. The buildings are even fashioned out of statues. It just makes no sense the city didn't even look like that in comics or cartoons.

3.Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom-Epic Fail! He's too skinny, too goofy and too Eric Foreman. Nothing about him says Eddie Brock. Do what you want with his hair and cgi, he will always be Eric Foreman to me. They didn't even change his voice as venom and not once did he say "We are Venom."

2.Christian Bale as Batman-"WHERE'S RACHEL?" Better question is where's your talent? Never has Batman sounded more ridiculous. His portrayal of Bruce was ok but that voice was he trying to be Batman or cookie monster seriously FAILURE!!!

1.Hulk- The Incredible Hulk was a great revamp/sequel to what has to be the absolute worst comic movie of all time. They spent too much time explaining what happened to Banner and with his personal life and not enough action. The thing with the comic panels; what was that? Somebody please tell me! I wish I could forget I ever saw that sham of a movie and the cgi sucked.

Well, thats all folks as usual this has been Hector Ramirez until next time friends keep clashing

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#23 - Flash: Terminal Velocity-Use the Force Wally, the Speed Force that is

Ok so Wally West, aka the Flash, has been having these weird problems with his powers whenever he travels at a certain speed; he kind of fizzles out and fades away. As if that isn’t bad enough, Kobra has launched a worldwide plot which has every hero in the DC universe on call. Afraid he might fizzle and permanently disappear, Wally is looking for a replacement Flash and doesn’t believe Impulse is mature enough to take over the mantle. So he offers it to Jesse Quick. Shortly after, Wally actually does disappear and things go haywire. Then his significant other, Linda Park,  is put in harm’s way and Wally comes back from the Speed Force,  where he disappeared to. After defeating the leader of Kobra and helping cleaning up the mess, he explains how he came back which was love as corny as it sounds.

Despite the cheesy ending, I enjoyed the story. Impulse names himself. You see all the speedsters come together. After injuring her leg, Jesse Quick gets right back into the heat of things which I thought was pretty bad*** of her. And the way Wally just materialized while everyone was incapacitated and delivered an awesome beat down was just epic. It's stories like this that make me proud to be a fan of comics. I see that the new 52 is bringing back stories like this and I’m loving it. As usual, this has been Hector Ramirez until next time friends keep clashing.