Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#42 THE CAPE: Look Up in the Sky, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Psycho with a Magic Cape!!!

Written by Jason Ciaramella
Art by Zach Howard
Based on a short story by Joe Hill
IDW Publishing

Hey Clashers,  Hector here and do I have a review for you. This week, we’re looking at IDW’s The Cape. If you decide to read this I must say reader discretion is advised. So without further ado strap on your magic cape and please no bears or chainsaws in the air.

Have you ever known someone who is going nowhere in life and constantly blaming their failure on others. I think we’ve all known someone like that if not have been that person at some point in our lives. Take that emotional disposition and add the power of flight and enhanced strength and we have our story. Enter Eric, our main character who as a child somehow came into the possession of a magic cape that endows him with the afore mentioned powers. As Eric grows older he does little in the ways of advancing his life and is a loser who lives with his mother. His paranoia leads him to attack his loved ones, starting with his girlfriend and the cops investigating her murder. This causes his brother to retaliate…fatally, taking the  cape into his possession.

I must say it was an interesting tale but not really worth the wait. The pace of the story was slow with very little action yet it was compelling. The characters were well developed for such a short story and you really get to know them. The downside would be the inconsistency with which the book was released which almost caused me to drop it because the books were not very eventful. I am on the fence about this book because it was compelling yet slow. The art was kind of sloppy but not entirely bad in closing I’d give this a Red Robin not good not bad in the middle. Next week, I take a look at the 5 men to take on the Spiderman mantle. Until then friends, keep clashing.

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