Wednesday, March 7, 2012


 Justice League 1-6: Enter Darkseid  
Written by Geoff Johns
Penciled by Jim Lee
Inked by Scott Williams

Interview by Hector Ramirez

Rating System:
 I will start with the rating system; it’s relatively simple based on Batman and his sidekicks. Jason Todd being the publics lowest rated Robin, Red Hood is the lowest rating then it goes up to Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, and of course Batman himself. Like I said it’s simple if ever I need to rate something between the two I’ll use an obvious in between for example a 4 ½ would be a Grayson Batman. And that’s it clashers any confusion just ask in comments I do welcome feedback.

 Welcome Clashers to another action packed adrenaline rush all packaged neatly into a review of the first story arc of Justice League.  They call me Hector and I’ll be your tour guide to Apokolips and back. Please, don’t feed the parademons.

 So, it starts off with Batman running after one of Darkseid’s minions while also dodging Gotham’s finest then in comes a very arrogant Green Lantern by the name of Hal Jordan. After dispatching the strange alien, it drops a strange box. They discuss aliens which brings them to the subject of Superman over in Metropolis and decide to go after him. They get there; the classic misunderstanding and good guy vs. good guy fight ensues. Hal calls in the Flash for help but Batman clears up the misunderstanding. The box, which was one of many, explodes releasing parademons; as do all the others including one in S.T.A.R. labs where Victor Stone is arguing with his father for not taking his football career seriously. The blast nearly kills him so his father fits him with robotic parts turning him into Cyborg. He runs away from his father in anger and encounters parademons. He fights them and ends up teaming with our original quartet who have been joined by Aquaman and Wonder Woman.  Cyborg absorbs one of the boxes merging with its technology. Darkseid shows up and gives the league a great fight hitting Superman with an omega beam and leaving him to a parademon to be taken to Apokolips to be dissected to create a new army for Darkseid. Batman goes after Superman while the other five fight Darkseid with little avail. Superman returns knocking Darkseid back through a portal back to Apokolips and Cyborg closes it.

 First off, I love the Justice League I always have and the new 52 has been phenomenal thus far this story arc is no exception. DC pulled out the big guns right off back going straight for a Darkseid fight to bring together the League.  The fights were brutal, there was action cover to cover and the art was amazing. Jim Lee is definitely no slouch and he brings a great new look to the legendary characters. I really like how the story has character development so that you know a little about each character without going too far into detail so you really want to pick up their solo titles. Overall, with a great story awesome art and a beautiful set up, this story gets the coveted Bruce Wayne Batman. That’s all for now friends. Next week, I look at IDW’s The Cape until then…. Keep Clashing!!!

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