Wednesday, April 4, 2012


            Hey there Clashers, Hector here coming at you with one "Hell" of a review. This week, we'll  be looking at a story that takes it's four heroes to Hell and back, literally, in this storyline Marvel brings together one of the most ragtag bunch of 3rd generation heroes and really give them their own purpose. So, grab your spf 666 and let us descend shall we.
            Story starts off with Flash "Venom" Thompson having gone AWOL after the government attempted to remove the symbiote from him. Thunderbolt"Red Hulk" Ross is sent after him to bring him in. Meanwhile , Johnny Blaze is training Alejandra, the newest Ghost Rider, who is less than grateful to say the least. At this time, Blackheart has launched a plan to bring Hell to Earth with Sin City itself as the doorway. Once Hell was brought to Earth, he planned on using an army of symbiote clones of X-23 to overtake his father as King of Hell. X-23 was on a mission to make sure her DNA wasn't used for such heinous purposes. Blackheart tricks Alejandra to open the portal and keep it open. Johnny agrees to take her place while she teams up with the other three to stop Blackheart.
            Hell on Earth has been done over and over again in  all forms of media but this was different. Storywise, it was enjoyable, not cliche or slow. Usually, in these kinds of stories, there would be one, shining, divine hero. Instead, we got 4 questionable heroes. It had action even with the hell mumbo jumbo. It was fast paced, exciting and different. The art was great. No complaints there. It really complimented the story. It wasn't too cartoony or artsy, yet not too realistic. Overall, it was a good book but not great. I dont know just didnt exactly blow my mind. I give it a Red Robin (3 out of 5).  Well, that's all for now. Until next time Clashers, keep clashing.

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